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About Us

 Founded in 2015

We are a passionate team of experienced creatives and community facilitators who are committed to empower changemakers through online and offline tailor-made activities and programs.


Our Story

We opened our doors to the bright, young, and fearless changemakers in 2015, when coworking was still a novelty. We quickly gained a reputation as the leading coworking in Jakarta.


Over the years, we’ve learned to adapt our services to a changing world, where online work is becoming more commonplace, and people are pursuing a better work-life balance; a changing behavior further triggered by the pandemic.


This digital shift is pushing us to reinvent the way we connect while still maintaining Coworkinc’s warm, hospitable, and conducive environment for all the communities we serve.

When we started Coworkinc,

our intention was to provide a place for people to grow, connect, and make an impact.

It has always been more than opening (an offline) space.”

Cynthia Satrya-Hasan, Co-founder and CEO of Coworkinc

Community Partners

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