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03. Community Engagement

A safe space for communities to network and learn, serving as a support group to reinforce Indonesian communities’ positive movements to strengthen Indonesia and bringing its people closer.

Since RUKI opened in 2018, Coworkinc has been the official partner entrusted to run the programs. From strategizing to execution, we’ve gone above and beyond to provide the next level of experience for diverse communities across Indonesia.



1. Community Networking/Collaboration

Serving as a space for communities to network and get acquainted with one another. Our hope is that through these activities, communities can meet other communities representing different movements, igniting collaboration between communities.

2. Mentoring Community/Community Clinic

Knowledge and understanding gained from classes are just one aspect of community-building. Communities interact with expert coaches who guide them through problem-solving.


Community Clinic aims to bring together communities and experts, where communities can share their challenges. RUKI community members can grow to become stronger communities that continue to create impact.

Community Journal.jpg

RuKI Community Journal

The pandemic affected every facet of life, including RuKI’s operation. RuKI’s offline hub closed, and we moved all activities online. To capture community journeys, we designed a Community Journal which was launched at RUKI’s 2nd Anniversary.



For RuKI 3rd Anniversary, we published a digital comic featuring selected communities and their inspiring movements. As a celebration of their tireless work to bring positive impact across Indonesia, especially during the pandemic

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